Full Body Porcelain Sculpture
with 10 joints, neck, waist, shoulder hips, elbow and knees.waist,shoulder,hips, elbow and knees

COSTUME is vintage spotted net trimmed with tatting and silk buds and bows

EYES hand painted brown

HAIR is hand made dark brown mohair.

SHOES matching pink glove leather

Size aprox 46 cm (18")

Retail US$ 1100.00

Limited Edition of

Shipping TBA
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karen_alderson_artist_design_2007007012.jpg karen_alderson_artist_design_2007007010.jpg karen_alderson_artist_design_2007007008.jpg karen_alderson_artist_design_2007007006.jpg karen_alderson_artist_design_2007007004.jpg karen_alderson_artist_design_2007007002.jpg
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